Best Material for a Commercial Roof

Best Material for a Commercial Roof There are many decent roofing materials for commercial buildings, like single-ply, thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), and built-up roofing (BUR). However, SPF is arguably the best commercial roofing material in Palm Bay, Melbourne, and Rockledge, among other areas in Florida, for reliable weather protection, excellent heat insulation, longevity, simple installation, and maintenance.

Keep reading to see why you should use SPF on your commercial roof in Florida over other roofing systems.

Reliable Leakproofing and Hurricane-Resistance

Florida is amongst the wettest states, with 54.73 inches of rain annually. Besides, areas like Palm Bay receive rainfall year-round.

SPF is among Florida’s best commercial roofing materials because of its dependable leakproofing. Unlike BUR, SPF is seamless, eliminating leaks that may result in moisture damage and faster heat loss.

In case of punctures, leaks are region-specific in SPF roofs, making repairs easier. However, damages to BUR and single-ply roofs allow lateral water movements, resulting in widespread leakage.

Because of their impermeable application and powerful adhesion, SPF roofing systems in Palm Bay are reliable against hurricanes and strong winds. The lack of edges and joints and the absence of fasteners enhance their stability against the harsh Floridian climate.

Heat Insulation

SPF adheres to the roof, sealing cracks and preventing moisture entry. It has the highest R-value (about 6.5 per inch). The temperature resistance allows the regulation of Palm Bay temperatures, which can be as hot as 93°F and as cold as 39°F. SPF’s durable sealing abilities resist heat transfer, keeping cold days warmer and hot ones cooler.

The density of your SPF determines its degree of insulation. Due to its direct sun exposure, it’s best to apply high-density to your roof in Palm Bay. Meanwhile, medium and low-density SPF may be suitable for unvented attics and interior cavity fill.

Cost Reductions and Renewability

Improving your building’s temperature regulation may lower your energy bills. SPF’s temperature stability may also reduce your air conditioning unit’s workload, enhancing longevity.

SPF is a renewable roofing material. Unlike single-ply and BUR roofs, it doesn’t need removal and replacement after running its course. Tear-offs are minimal during repairs, and you can apply a new coat to an existing SPF roof.

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Acquiring quality roofing materials in Palm Bay is only half the journey. You need a reliable Florida roofing company to maximize SPF’s energy conservation, cost reduction, and weather protection advantages.

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