Whiting Edge Systems

The ultimate solution to:

  • Roof Debris
  • Overspray Containment
  • Roof Edge Warning

We use a proprietary design called the Whiting Edge System to create a secure barrier and roof edge warning along the roof line.  Gene Whiting began developing it in the late 1980’s to eliminate the need for plastic to hang over the building. The Whiting Edge System is a valuable tool in:

  • Minimizing impact on customer/business activity at the ground level.
  • Containing overspray and debris.
  • Allowing quick install and removal of the barrier.
  • Allowing the barrier to remain in place for the entire job.
  • Withstanding breezy conditions without the problem of plastic hanging down.
  • Allowing a variety of materials to be used, such as cardboard, burlap, and orange safety net.