Selecting a Contractor

The following is a list of questions that should be asked of any contractor who offers you a proposal for installing an SPF roof system:

How long have your technicians been spraying?

The person who is responsible for proper application of SPF plays the largest part in the end result! Make sure that they are qualified for the job!

What types of quality control systems do you use to insure proper application?

A key factor in quality control is to record and track quantities, batch numbers, weather conditions, etc. This information greatly aids in preventing errors as well as troubleshooting should a problem arise.

Do you install new roof edge flashing as part of the job?

Many areas of improper application appear where foam has been applied overtop of old, rusty, dirty or patched up edge metal. New designs of edge flashing are available which aid in the spray application process. Insist that your contractor use new edge flashing of a proper design for your building.

What steps do you take to insure safety and cleanliness on the jobsite?

The importance of this issue cannot be overstated. Making sure that trash and materials are kept in order greatly reduces the chances of accidents. It can also minimize disruption of the normal use of your building. Whiting Construction conducts weekly safety and training meetings and pre-job safety meetings.

How does your company keep up with the latest in equipment, materials, methods, and codes?

Keeping current in a world of constant change is essential, and roofing is no exception! As the technology advances and new legislation brings stricter building codes, it is important your contractor keeps up. this is one reason Whiting Construction is a member of FRSA (Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Association).

How long has your company been applying SPF roof systems?

SPF roof systems are actually manufactured on the job site, unlike most roof systems simply assembled onsite. SPF application is highly dependent on the person applying it. Make sure your contractor has extensive experience installing SPF roof systems.

Do you offer a written warranty for your system? What does it cover?

Ask what it covers, (materials, labor, etc.) and who offers the coverage (the contractor or manufacturer). Many warranties have so many exclusions that they’re not worth the paper they’re written on. Always read your warranty. 

Do you have an established place of business?

While many current and honest businesses had their start as “backyard businesses” it has become more important for a reputable business in the present day to have an established facility. Make an appointment to stop by your contractor’s office to talk with them and see what they do.

Do you have a list of references available?

The word of other customers will speak a lot for who a contractor is and what they can do. Ask your contractor if they have a list available, and call some of the people on the list. Find out what they were pleased with and what they did not like.

Is your company a member of any organizations or trade associations?

Many reputable roofing companies and contractors will align themselves with organizations such as FRSA, SPFA, or the local Chamber of Commerce to interact and learn with and from one another. Find out what organizations your contractor is a part of and research those organizations as well.