Terraces on the Green

Terraces on the Green

This project was given to Whiting Construction by another roofing contractor who had been awarded the job. When they began to plan the project, they realized that with all the protrusions, transitions, and drainage needs, an SPF roof would better accommodate the project.

The building had a poured concrete deck. With tight deadlines, the project was dependent on installing clay tiles before a flat deck roof because tile installation could cause damage. The project manager was pleased to find out that our roof could be installed regardless of timelines from other contractors, because debris that typically damages a roof does not damage SPF.

The 2nd picture below was taken after our roof was completed, and the tile roofers left debris on the roof. After cleaning and doing a walkthrough of the roof, we only had to make minor repairs with a caulking gun.

Project Description

Location: Port St. Lucie, FL
Surface Area: 37,500
Year Completed: July 2007

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