Howard Johnson Hotel

Howard Johnson Hotel

The Howard Johnson Hotel was badly damaged by Hurricane Frances in 2004.  The hotel’s property features twin two-story buildings with guest rooms, as well as a one-story building with the lobby, restaurant, and meeting rooms. Whiting Construction installed SPF on the roof sections of the one story building in 1998. The two guest wings were covered by modified bitumen roof systems. When hurricane Frances left, the entire roof of the west wing was laying in the pool and parking lot. The tectum deck was left fully exposed and the guest rooms suffered extensive damage. Whiting Construction applied a new coated SPF roof to the entire wing and repairs began inside on new guest rooms.

While the hotel was still recovering from this damage, Hurricane Jeanne came along behind Frances and decided to “stay” at the hotel as well. Once again, the SPF sections installed by Whiting Construction suffered no damage but the last remaining modified bitumen roof–the hotel’s east wing–was destroyed just as the west was during Frances. The entire hotel property is now protected by coated SPF systems. Hurricanes may come and go, but a Whiting roof stays!

Project Description

Location: US1 near Colorado Ave., Stuart, FL
Surface Area: 20,000 sq. ft.
Year Completed: September 2004

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